There are 3 million Vietnamese in the Diaspora with half living in the United Sates. Our artists need more visibility and freedom to create on their own terms. We create spaces where artists from all over the world can come together and in the process find inspiration, support and strength.

DVAN is helping change how society think of Vietnamese in the Diaspora. We constantly develop new events and programs. Please support us so that we continue promote Vietnamese American culture and connect with artists that live in other countries.

Our organization functions at a global level. We are all volunteers. We collaborate with universities and other organizations. We are supported by small grants and private donations. All donations go to promoting the works of artists (small fee goes to “Intersection for the Arts” because we are part of its Incubator Program). Would you support us, your name will appear on DVAN website (optional). All donations are tax-deductible.


Other ways to give


You can also donate with a check. Please download the donation form here and send your check “for DVAN” to Intersection for the Arts 5M, 925 Mission Street, Suite 109, San Francisco, CA 94103. Donations should be written to “Intersection for the Arts” with “for DVAN” in the memo, and are tax deductible.


DVAN is always looking for in-kind donation form as well. These are also tax-deductible! We need office supplies (paper, stamps, computers, printers, etc.) as well as things that can be used for our events: flowers, food, books, artwork, projectors, speakers, microphones, etc.