Program Structure

 The DVAN's Artist-in-Residency program will grant awards to 3 artists each year, each artist offered a 3-month period of stay. A group show will take place during the 4th period of the program and will include one piece created from each of the resident artists during that year’s program, alongside a select group of artists which will be juried by a DVAN panel.

Applications will be reviewed by peer panels. Accepted artists will receive an award in addition to honorariums for University art talks and on-site gallery talks. Residencies will support the creation of new work, the development of existing work, and creative time for artists. Panels will not award partial grants or change grant request amounts.

The program requires that artists spend a significant time on site during their 4-month duration of their residency. The program strongly encourages sensitivity to artists’ needs and strategic structure of the residency in planning the specific residency calendar. The residency encourages the creation of new work, which can include completing works in progress.

The most competitive applicants will have taken significant time to discuss in advance of the application what their perceptions, needs, questions, and possible areas of exploration might be; and will have arrived at a clearly delineated sense of responsibilities and timelines.

Based on lessons learned, either in process or in the residencies themselves, particular review criteria, residency requirements, and eligibility issues may change as the program evolves in an attempt to be maximally responsive to field needs.

Please contact DVAN for more information.