Vietnamese American Literature

Bao Phi. Song I sing (poems)
Cantrell, Nancy Tran. Seeds of Hope
Chau, Angie. Quiet As They Come
Chau, Tran Huynh. Prison Years in North Vietnam
Dinh, Linh. Night, Again
Dinh, Tran Van. Blue Dragon, White Tiger: A Tet Story
Dinh, Tran Van. No Passenger on the River
Do, Trinh. Saigon to San Diego
Duc, Nguyen Qui. Where the Ashes Are
Elliott, Duong Van Mai. The Sacred Willow
Hayslip, Le Ly. When Heaven and Earth Changed Places
Hoang, LilyParabola
Huynh, Ngoc QuangSouth Wind Changing
Lam, AndrewPerfume Dreams
Lam, AndrewEast Eats West
Lan, CaoMonkey Bridge
Le, Minh Khue; Truong Vu; Wayne KarlinThe Other Side of Heaven
Le, Samantha. Little Sister Left Behind
le thi diem thuyThe Gangster We are All Looking For
Lieberman, Kim-AnBreaking the Map (poems)
Lien, HoangLight and Darkness
Mong-Lan. Song of the Cicadas (poems)
Nhung, Huynh QuangThe Land I Lost
Nguyen, Bich MinhStealing Buddha’s Dinner
Nguyen, Bich Minh. Short Girls
Nguyen, Do and Paul Hoover. Black Dog, Black Night
Nguyen, KienThe Tapestries
Nguyen, Kien. The Unwanted
Nguyen, Qui Duc and George EvansThe Time Tree
Nguyen, Thi Thu-LamFallen Leaves
Pham, Andrew. Catfish and Mandala
Pham, Andrew. The Eaves of Heaven
Pham, Andrew and his father Translate. Last Night I Dreamed of Peace
Pham, Quoc Bao. The Bloody Shackles
Phan, Aimee. We Should Never Meet
Phan, AimeeThe Reeducation of Cherry Truong
Sawyer, Anh Vu. Song of Saigon
Sinh, Ha Thuc. School of Blood and Tears
Strom, DaoGrass Roof, Tin Roof
Su, LacI Love Yous are for White People
Truong, Nhu TangA Vietcong Memoir
Truong, Monique. The Book of Salt
Truong, Monique. Bitter in the Mouth
Tạ, Tỵ. Ðáy Ðịa Ngục (At the Bottom of Hell)
Tran, Thi Nga and Wendy Wilder Larsen. Shallow Graves: Two Women in Vietnam

Diasporic Vietnamese Literature

Anna Moi. Riz Noir
Jenny Mai Nuyen. Nijura – Das Erbe der Elfenkrone
Kim Thuy. Ru
Linda Lê. Slander (Calomnies)
Linda Lê. The Three Fates (Trois Parques)
Linda Lê. Voix
Nam Le. The Boat
Nguyễn Văn Thọ. Quyên
Phạm Thị Hoài. Thiên Sứ (The Crystal Messenger)
Riddick, Thuong Vuong. Two Shores/Deux Rives (poems)
Sitek Lệ Tân. Sama na Drodze
Thuận. Chinatown
Trần Vũ. Cái Chết Sau Quá Khứ


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Tilting the Continent: Southeast Asian American Writing (2000)
Troubling Borders: An Anthology of Art and Literature by Southeast Asian Women in the Diaspora (2014)
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