Visual Arts

Proposal for Artist-in-Residence Program 2015

The DVAN Artist-in-Residence Program’s mission is to support diasporic Vietnamese artists in the development of their visual art portfolios, including, but not limited to painting, drawing, installation, mixed media, photography, sculpture, and new media. This program is predicated on the belief that artists and organizations, working in creative and new ways, can re-imagine new ways of engaging the community during the process of developing visual art. This initiative encourages artists to engage with the community, both on and off-site, through receptions, gallery tours, art talks in the academy, and developing work on-site as a means to initiate conversations regarding the creative process.

These residencies will promote deeper, meaningful, and long-lasting partnerships, and open up conversation between organizations, universities, and artists, while providing substantial resources to artists, and serving the community at large. Through public involvement, artists are encouraged to be creative in thinking about art, its function in society, its value, and how it serves the community in imaginative ways.

 Julie Thi Underhill,  Artist-in-Residence , 2015

Julie Thi Underhill, Artist-in-Residence, 2015